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Fairy tales are exciting, magical stories children love to read. However, aside from providing entertainment, fairy tales can help your child in a few different ways. Continue reading to learn what they are.

How Fairy Tales Can Help Your Child

  1. For starters, fairy tales can be a great way for your child to know a bit more of other cultures. There are fairy tales from all over the world and some of them go over cultural traditions, which could interest your child.
  2. Most fairy tales center on a hero and the journey they need to go on. And in that journey, the hero is presented with options and their consequences. Through their example, your child could start developing their decision making skills.
  3. A lot of times, the consequences of their actions and decisions put the heroes through a tough time. But even when they feel down, they keep going. This will teach your child of disappointment and resilience.
  4. As mentioned above, a fairy tale often leads a hero through a journey. In that journey, they also have adventures and excitement. This can encourage your child to try new things and write their own story.
  5. Lastly, fairy tales often revolve around the importance of relationships, since the hero often needs their friends to succeed. This means that, through them, your child will learn how to be a good friend, as well as how to keep their good friends.

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